Apple Varieties

So many apples, so little time.

York Imperial

York Imperial - only processed by Knouse Foods - is exceptionally juicy and superior for cooking. Mother Nature created this marvel all on her own: An apple that holds its crisp texture, while becoming mellower and sweeter tasting over time. Discovered near York, PA, in 1820, York Imperial is unique because it is only grown commercially and processed in the Mid-Atlantic area. For more information on the York Imperial click here.


Discovered in Kansas in 1866, the Stayman is now favored by apple-savvy chefs and bakers for its delicate tartness and highly pleasing flavor. Stayman apples have a juicy, cream-colored, even yellowish flesh with a tart wine-like flavor. They hold up well in storage and are often used as cooking and cider apples as well for fresh snacks.


Introduced in 1942, this Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station product is a cross between the Jonathan and Wagener apples. Idared's flavor is tangy and tart. It has a bright red skin, and very firm texture. This apple is good for snacking and holds its shape ideally for baking.

Granny Smith

The first Granny Smith sprouted from a pile of apples tossed out by a southeast Australian named "Granny" Anne Smith. One parent might have been a French Crab Apple. Grannys are known for their extreme tart flavor and their distinctive green flesh, which introduced American shoppers to the green apple. Granny applesauce and apple juice is very popular. The apple can be baked as well. They’re also excellent for snacking and salads. As you are selecting fruit, keep in mind that paler Grannys, with a warmish cast, tend to be sweetest.

Golden Delicious

Appropriately described by its name, the Golden Delicious has a rich, juicy and satisfying flavor. The second-most popular variety in the world, its firm white flesh retains its shape and rich mellow flavor when baked or cooked, making it a preferred all-purpose cooking apple. The skin is so tender that it does not require peeling for most recipes. This apple is one that will stay white longer when cut and therefore is great for salads. Discovered as a chance seedling in 1914 in Clay County, West Virginia, it was originally named Mullin's Yellow Seedling. Stark Brothers renamed it Golden Delicious, even though it is not related to Red Delicious. Most suspect its ancestry can be traced to Golden Reinette and Grimes Golden. For more information on the Golden Delicious click here.

Rome Beauty

Nearly solid red with a round shape, the Rome Beauty is one of the most visually pleasing apples on earth. It is also one of the most versatile for all-around cooking use and is considered to be the ultimate baking and cooking apple. Smooth and red with a slightly juicy flesh, Rome Beauty's flavor grows richer when baked in a favorite recipe and enhanced with a touch of sugar or honey.

Red Delicious

America's favorite snacking apple and the world's most widely planted apple, Red Delicious is mild, sweet and juicy. It is excellent for eating fresh as a snack, in salads, when used as a garnish or in fruit trays. Red Delicious features a thin bright red skin with a fine-grained white flesh. Introduced to the market in 1874 in Peru, Iowa, it was discovered as a chance seedling on the farm of Jesse Hiatt. Red Delicious is a sweet treat, blended into our Premium Apple Juice.