[Apple Tree]

Serving Suggestions

There are all kinds of ways to enjoy our products.

From a breakfast cereal topping to an ingredient for your muffins, our fruit products are a great, healthy way to enhance your next meal.


Cereal & Fruit
  • Top your favorite breakfast cereal with Lucky Leaf Apple Sauce in place of milk.
  • Spoon Apple Time Apple Sauce over pancakes or waffles for a healthy alternative to butter or syrup.
  • Serve Musselman's No Sugar Added Lite Strawberry Apple Sauce with a Belgian waffle.
  • When serving French toast, add the perfect accompaniment of Lucky Leaf Cinnamon Apple Sauce.
  • Warm any variety of Apple Time Apple Sauce and serve with cream of wheat, grits or oatmeal.
Sandwhich & Fruit


  • Lucky Leaf Apple sauce makes the perfect complement to cottage cheese on a diet platter.
  • For a light and healthy lunch alternative, use Musselman's Single Serve Apple Sauce cups as a dip for cheese cubes, turkey, ham, celery sticks or chicken fingers.
  • Any sandwich tastes better when served with a side of Apple Time Apple Sauce instead of chips and fries.


  • Musselman's Apple Butter is just the right accompaniment for potato pancakes.
  • Accent your veal, pork or chicken entrĂ©e with any variety of Lucky Leaf Apple Sauce, instead of gravy.
  • Top off your summer picnic with a cold side of Apple Time Apple Sauce to complement your hot dogs or hamburgers.


  • Musselman's Apple Sauce is a fat-free substitute for oil when baking cakes, muffins and other moist baked goods. Substitute the same amount of apple sauce as the recipe calls for oil.
  • Make a deliciously cool treat by layering Apple Time Apple Sauce and yogurt in a parfait glass and topping with granola.
  • Create an elegant and luscious dessert with Lucky Leaf No Sugar Added Lite Apple Pie filling warmed and served over frozen yogurt.